In the most unusual work market in history, employers in Industry Supply are looking to attract new talent. But with a changing industry and an unprecedented shortage of job applicants, you need something special to stand out. Take a look at the tips below to learn about how you can attract new talent. 


Create an Online Brand 

Young people want to know how your company is different. What makes you stand out in an increasingly competitive market? Why should they choose "you" over all the other brands out there? Young professionals are looking for meaningful work that doesn't just pay the bills--it provides joy and purpose too!


And, you may be more interesting than you think. Were you founded by a veteran? Are you part of an employment wave, bringing great jobs back home to America? Did your company bootstrap from rags to riches? Those narratives will mean a lot to young people looking for work. 


Focus on Online Referrals 


Referrals are still the most popular way to get new employees. Encourage your staff and suppliers with a referral bonus, or even offer up a contest just for sharing news of job openings through their personal networks. You would be surprised what a simple prize such as a dinner at a local restaurant can get you. 


Be Social Where They Are 


With 79% of job seekers looking at social media when they search for jobs, it's no surprise that your local 20-something crowd uses these channels. If you want to be effective in reaching this demographic then consider what Networking sites and Video sharing apps might work best with their generation like LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok.


Create Interesting Opportunities


Young people no longer have employment opportunities for life. In fact, it's not been true since the 1970s. Employees these days focus on building their skill set to take advantage of opportunities now as well as future ones. So give your employees some time off from doing tedious tasks like data entry or menial labor by allowing them access to new technologies such as AI.


You should also encourage team brainstorming sessions regarding strategy, and perhaps send them to industry events. 


Embrace Diversity 


In a world where people are becoming more and more diverse, it is important that we embrace new cultures. Having potlucks, training around diversity or a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policy can be great first steps to achieving this goal.  This helps your employees best to deal with different viewpoints when working together as one large work family.


Last Word 

We live in challenging times But tough times call for smarter solutions. It is imperative to attract new talent in order to grow your business and to succeed. Contact us if you would like to discuss how to stay competitive in the job market and in the industry. 

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