Prepare Distributors 

for the Digital World!

We are a vibrant Dallas start-up that revolutionizes the way industrial distributors optimize profits and efficiency. Founded in July of 2017, Intuilize uses cutting-edge technology and analytics to tackle issues such as gross margin erosion, lost sales, poor pricing implementation, and more.

Intuilize is 100% self-funded. We have been in your shoes and believe there is a better way.

In July 2018 we integrated Sales Optimization support to boost sales. In October 2018 we added Gross Margin Optimization feature helping distributors increase their bottom line on spot-by and drain accounts. In March 2019 we complemented our Gross Margin Optimization by helping distributors implement pricing in their ERP systems like P21, The Business Edge (TBE), INxSQL, and more. In August 2019 we launched Price Optimization module built with the latest Machine Learning techniques. 

More exciting news is coming, and we would love to help you find your path to digital transformation!

Nelson Valderrama

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Dinh

Product Manager

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