A GPS for Your Industrial Distribution Business

You know where you want your business to go. Get the simple tool that can get you there faster. Like a GPS for your business, Intuilize instantly calculates the shortest path to success.


Benefits of Intuilize

Sales Optimization

  • Get step-by-step guidance toward revenue growth through sales variance analysis
  • See which customers are more susceptible to upsell and/or cross sell
  • Boost your customers’ profitability with actionable scorecards and alerts

Start turning your data into profit now!

Gross Margin Optimization

  • Spot profit leakage and margin erosion
  • Provide price points that your customers will be most apt to buy
  • Understand outputs of your day-to-day decisions

Stop winging it when it comes to your business’s most important decisions!

Inventory Optimization

  • Reduce stock-outs of your best-performing products while generating cash of your worst-performing products
  • Improve your cashflow with intuitive pushout and pull-in dashboards
  • Mitigate your risks of inventory surplus

Never waste time and money going down the wrong path again!

Have a Trusted Partner Who Can Help You Move Fast

We treat the process of growing your business as a partnership. Our experts will work with you one-on-one to help you implement the tool in days — as opposed to traditional tools that can take over a year on average.

Excel and Business Intelligence tools can quickly become monstrously complex and spit out thousands of reports that provide little return. Instead, Intuilize focuses on YOUR specific business needs, and builds in strategic processes to drive immediate rapid growth.

For more information, take a look at this white paper: The Real Cost of Implementing BI Tools.

After decades spent working in the industrial distribution business, we realized that the analytics tools available widely fail to help businesses focus on “actionalizing” data for real results. We built Intuilize to help you transform your sales into actionable insights, dashboards, and predictive modeling, all in one intuitive, efficient platform.

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