Old Reality

There was a time when each company in an industry tried to outperform the competition. Everyone was playing by the same rules and if you could offer a better product, a better delivery or (heaven forbid), a better price; your company could eke out incremental growth and provide the necessary performance to be considered successful.

New Reality

On top of  conventional competition there are the disruptors. This means:

  1. New businesses, with different business models, are changing the way the game is played.

  2. The days of the level playing field are long past. 

Unlike before, incremental growth is considered failure. However, today's change is abrupt, exponential and unpredictable. If you can’t recognize your competitors, how can you succeed in this new reality?

Your customer can’t get all the answers online.

You can’t believe everything that you read on the internet. While all the information is out there for anyone to see, your customers still need an expert who understands and is able to explain it in a meaningful way. 

Nobody likes to get lost in the plethora of options and make a purchase without knowing the outcomes.  Irrespective of how many choices a customer has (disruptors or traditional distributors), we still need expert advice to assist us in the buying journey. 

Relationships for the win

If I were a young person starting my work life, whether as an employee or entrepreneur, I would remember that my network is a part of the value I bring to any organization.  

Your network is expanded when you:

  1. Make a new connection

  2. Help someone else get what they want or need

  3. Introduce people from your network to others

  4. Establish yourself as a thought leader

  5. Have a reputation for honest, ethical behavior

3 Principles to Build Your Career

  1. Remember to treat associates, suppliers and customers with respect. 

  2. Remember you have to listen to determine what that person wants is also what they need. 

  3. Remember that technology is likely the solution you are looking for, even when you don’t know it. 

If you are  starting out today, you  will have a very different career than I did, but I am pretty sure your  network will still play a key role in your success. I know mine did.

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