Inventory Optimization & Management

Take control of an optimized inventory

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Supercharge purchasing decisions with data

Reduce carrying costs with AI-powered Inventory Optimization & Management. Eliminate excess SKUs and accelerate inventory turns with data.

Take appropriate action on unhealthy inventory

Intuilize will detect unhealthy inventory and prescribe actions customized for the business.
Ensure that procurement aligns with actual, real-time demand and inventory isn’t sitting stagnant.

Reduce waste, prevent stockouts, and increase the bottom line

Distributors using Intuilize boost their GMROII* by 8% in their first 6 months of usage.

*GMROII = [GM%/ (1-GM%)] x Inventory Turns (1 year)


“Within a few weeks of effectively using Intuilize, we saw significant results.”

Jared Keipert - Director of Procurement, Earnest Machine


Save time and drive results

Intuilize’s algorithms analyze multiple AI forecast models, open PO’s, and market conditions. In computer seconds rather than human hours. All so you can free up working capital with AI-prescribed actions and purchase like a pro for this month, next month, and beyond.

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What is the Intuilize inventory solution?

Intuilize offers an AI-powered Inventory Optimization & Management platform, accompanied by Dedicated Support team, to help distributors optimize their inventory management strategies. Our advanced inventory management science, leveraging machine learning (ML) and algorithms, provides valuable insights and recommendations for improving the health of your inventory.

How can Intuilize help improve my company's inventory performance?

Intuilize enhances inventory management by streamlining replenishment processes and optimizing inventory levels based on accurate demand forecasting. This reduces holding costs, minimizes the risk of stock-outs, and mitigates losses associated with excess and obsolete inventory, ultimately improving overall cash flow for your company.

Can Intuilize's inventory solution integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, it can. Intuilize offers ready-built connectors and integration capabilities for seamless integration with ERP, CRM, and other systems to access and analyze relevant inventory data.

How frequently does Intuilize update its inventory management recommendations?

Intuilize can provide inventory management recommendations at customizable intervals, periodically, per an agreed upon plan.

How can Intuilize help with change management during inventory optimization implementation?

Our process begins by analyzing your inventory capabilities and utilizing customer, product, and vendor segmentation data. We then create a roadmap for improvement, test recommended actions, and provide ongoing feedback through biweekly syncs for smooth adoption.

How long does it typically take to implement Intuilize's inventory solution?

Usually, the process spans 9-12 weeks. The implementation time can vary depending on your business's complexity and data readiness. However, Intuilize's Dedicated Support team can guide you through a streamlined implementation process.

Can I set product rules and constraints specific to my business?

Yes, you can. Intuilize can accommodate custom product rules and constraints based on your business's unique needs, goals, and inventory management strategies.

Does Intuilize offer product segmentation capabilities for targeted inventory strategies?

Yes, Intuilize's advanced segmentation features enable businesses to identify and target specific product groups with tailored inventory management strategies specific to your goals: including increasing the inventory of critical products, identifying segments that require pricing adjustments, or reducing less productive inventory, all according to predetermined goals and strategies.

Is this tool forward looking; i.e. would we be alerted to potential supply disruptions (either overstock or understock) and recommend how we should adjust our on-order bucket?

Empower your supply chain with automated product simulations. Our robots analyze sales data to optimize stock levels, alerting you to potential shortages or excess inventory. Take action swiftly in your ERP system based on their recommendations for improved efficiency and service levels. Stay ahead of demand fluctuations and ensure a smooth operation with our cutting-edge technology.

What is the frequency in which we’d adjust parameters and be alerted to some of the inventory diagnostic information?

During the pilot we will collect data from your team to update your supply chain playbook with your business rules. We will adjust replenishment parameters weekly for the first 4-6 weeks to ensure your supply chain team is comfortable. After setting up the parameters in your ERP, we monitor how well the team follows recommendations and track the impact on "asset efficiency" through our performance feature.

Does your tool have the capability to provide warehouse to warehouse optimization recommendations—or just the ability to view inventory stats by plant/warehouse?

Unlock the full potential of your ERP system by optimizing warehouse transfers. We'll evaluate your current ERP setup and how it manages transfers, taking into account your warehouse definition. Our expertise reveals common challenges such as inactive ERP functions or specialized warehouses. If your ERP falls short, we'll work with your team to craft a tailored solution for success.