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Accelerate test profit with nuanced pricing

Optimize gross margin with Intuilize AI-driven solution

Take the guesswork out of pricing

AI-assisted Quotations

Next generation software provides pricing guidance.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) solution provides nuanced pricing to drive more margin. 

Target low margin
Maximize gross margin opportunities on customers that use you as a last resort.
Refine price breaks
Establish proper margin guidelines for each level of your quantity breaks and product groups.
The emphasis on gross profit helps my sales team get more bonuses in the last couple of quarters!

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Measure Overrides
When your sales team override our AI pricing recommendations, a robot will learn these patterns to improve pricing decisions.

Integrate with the technology you already use

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use different pricing strategies for different customers and product groups?

Yes, you can. Two things we can promise:

1. You have total control over your pricing decisions. Not only can you leverage our AI to optimize pricing outcomes, but also review circumstances with your sales team to modify any recommendations. (See Overrides)

2. We will walk with you step-by-step and help you efficiently implement different pricing strategies for the right customers, product groups, quantity breaks, and branch locations. 

2. How can I know if your pricing optimization is working properly for me?

At Intuilize, we believe that any pricing strategy is only working properly when people can easily execute and understand their improvements. With Intuilize, you will have the data transparency in pricing optimization that you don’t often see from other pricing solutions.

For Management - We will provide you visibility and a clear understanding of:

  • Additional profit - resulting from price optimization initiatives (See GM$ lift)

  • Sales performance of each branch, salesperson, customer, product.

  • Customer segmentation.

  • Results of overriding Intuilize’s pricing recommendations.

  • Growth rate trend of your distribution business.

For Sales Team - You will:

  • Be equipped with optimal price points.

  • Take the guesswork out of pricing with fewer steps. Use the updated pricing in your ERP!

  • Stay in control and have the power to change or challenge any pricing recommendations.

3. What does your onboarding process look like?

1. To start, we extract some data from your ERP system. Then, we apply several AI algorithms to analyze and provide the optimal price point. 

2. Next, we spend a few hours with your associates to reveal the results of pricing optimization until there is alignment with your sales team. Every recommendation is based on prices that have already been captured in your ERP until you override those numbers to control the outcomes for a different purpose.

3. Finally, we collaborate with you to integrate the pricing recommendations into your ERP. 

4. What is the difference between ERP pricing and Intuilize pricing?

ERP Pricing 

1. Prices in ERP systems are static.

They are accurate but typically based on a suggested list price from suppliers.

2. The pricing level is not dynamic.

For the last few decades, distributors have increased prices by X% across the board. The problem is your pricing is not optimized to deal with the volatile changes of supply chain disruption and inflation.

Here are a few ways Intuilize fill in the gaps above:

1. Dynamic pricing.

Our algorithms analyze hit rates on quotations, what similar customers have paid for similar items, and other factors. Intuilize price optimization goes beyond what your ERP system offers.

2. Agility

Intuilize will help you respond quickly to market changes, target low margin, and refine price breaks. Some customers and products have greater volatility. We understand you have existing contracts or VMI that will not be affected by our process. However, you have many customers on the other end of the volume and pricing spectrum that can be easily adjusted.

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