Price Optimization & Management

Revolutionize pricing for optimized margins

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Gain an AI-powered Pricing Manager for your business

Reduce human mistakes and optimize pricing based on data and trends, not gut feel. Leverage pricing strategies across your entire catalog with supply chain disruption and inflation information, giving you a considerable advantage over the competition and control in volatile markets.

Maximize gross margin opportunities everywhere

Target higher profits with real-time analytics and cost optimization, enabling your business to maintain a healthy profit margin.

Control catalog-wide quantity breaks and discount levels with a single click

Establish proper margin guidelines for pricing breaks across thousands of SKUs and product groups. When overrides happen, Intuilize learns these patterns to make better pricing decisions in the future. Standardize discounts across all locations and keep sales reps all on the same page.


“The emphasis on gross profit helps my sales team get more bonuses in the last couple of quarters!”

VP of Sales, $5M industrial fastener distributor


Intuilize goes beyond an ERP

Monitor and manage price changes across the board with one tool, in computer seconds rather than human hours.
Intuilize’s algorithm analyzes hit rates on quotations, what similar customers have paid, and other factors. Go beyond an ERP to fully optimize pricing and overcome the unpredictability of the supply chain.

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What is the Intuilize pricing solution?

Intuilize offers an AI-powered Price Optimization & Management platform, accompanied by a Dedicated Support team, to help distributors optimize their pricing strategies. Our advanced pricing science, leveraging machine learning (ML) and algorithms, provides valuable insights and recommendations for setting the right prices.

How can Intuilize help improve my company's pricing performance?

Intuilize leverages pricing science and data analysis to identify pricing outliers, recommend price adjustments, and optimize pricing across customer segments, leading to improved revenue and profitability.

Can Intuilize's pricing solution integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, it can. Intuilize offers ready-built connectors and integration capabilities for seamless integration with ERP, CRM, and other systems to access and analyze relevant pricing data.

How frequently does Intuilize update its pricing recommendations?

Intuilize can provide pricing recommendations at customizable intervals on periodic intervals.

How can Intuilize help with change management during pricing implementation?

Intuilize assists in the change management process by conducting pricing capability assessments, scope definition, customer and product segmentation, and thorough testing of price recommendations. We also offer onboarding via weekly sync to ensure smooth adoption.

How long does it typically take to implement Intuilize's pricing solution?

Usually, the process spans 9-12 weeks. The implementation time can vary depending on your business's complexity and data readiness. However, Intuilize's Dedicated Support team can guide you through a streamlined implementation process.

Can I set pricing rules and constraints specific to my business?

Yes, you can. Intuilize can accommodate custom pricing rules and constraints based on your business's unique needs, goals, and pricing strategies.

Does Intuilize offer customer segmentation capabilities for targeted pricing strategies?

Yes, Intuilize's advanced segmentation features enable businesses to identify and target specific customer groups with tailored pricing strategies.